Philadelphia, PA


A Riviera-Inspired Oasis: Bringing Community and Luxury to Life

In our latest project, we transformed a sprawling outdoor pool area into an idyllic retreat that mirrors the allure of the French Riviera. This luxurious oasis, designed to foster community and leisure, is a masterful blend of elegance and function, set against the backdrop of natural beauty.

Throughout the area, we employed a palette of turquoise and natural creamy tones, evoking the spirit of the French Riviera – sophisticated, yet inviting. Our aim was to create a space that not only provides relaxation and recreation but also fosters a sense of community, a place where residents can gather, connect, and create lasting memories.

This reimagined outdoor pool area is more than just a feature of the property; it’s a lifestyle destination, a communal hub that feels like a vacation at an upscale hotel, right at home.